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Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu

This blog is not being updated at present. Please refer to the link section for further information (to be reviewed in due course bi idhnillaah). The owners of this blog do not necessarily subscribe to the opinions posted elsewhere. Blogs are linked on the basis that they provide an insight to living in a particular Muslim country.

Q Saudi should in shaa Allaah answer all your technical questions regarding Saudi Arabia.

May Allaah grant you success, facilitate your hijrah and purify your intentions. Ameen


Shipping ‘Cargo’ from the UK

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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

We had 4 suitcases “excess luggage” which included a box of islamic books (approx. 90 KG). I did alot of shopping around for the best offer, sending enquiries to different companies, etc.. but most seemed to be specialized in proper home removals, which wasn’t what we needed.

Saudi Airlines offered sending extra luggage as cargo from Heathrow Airport, however, I would’ve had to drop the luggage off myself and fill in the airway bill (?!) and their rate wasn’t that spectacular either, however, better than other airlines. While some people in the “cargo” office were VERY helpful over the phone, others weren’t… which didnt exactly boost my confidence.

We sent our luggage with MEXL, mashaAllah, who were VERY helpful. Alhamdulillah we were able to negotiate a good rate, our luggage was picked up (within London) without charge and we were asked to call a couple of days later to check when our belongings would arrive in Riyadh. If I remember correctly our things arrived three days after us, which meant another trip to Riyadh, but alhamdulillah everything arrived safely.

As for picking up cargo at RUH Airport, don’t go to the arrivals gate baggage claim nothing will be released there. Ask where to collect airfreight from (inshaAllah I’ll add info regarding this later) and proceed there. Make sure you have your ID card and airway bill number with you. It would also be useful to bring a Arabic speaker, as you may be dealing with people who are not proficient in English.

Just came across this: Ascope Shipping Services  might be of interest aswell, though we have no personal experience with them.

Mail – Receiving and Sending

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From what we’ve seen, there are few formal “addresses” (as in house number, street name) here in Saudi, so how do you receive mail?

You can set up a PO Box, procedures can be found here inshaAllah, have your mail sent to work or pick it up.

In addition to the regular mail service (Saudi Post), various courier services are available (DHL, FedEx,UPS..). We always made up our address – along the lines of:

King Khaled Street (Street Name), Opposite the Jawasaat (Landmark), Al-Amoudi Neighbourhood (Neighbourhood), Riyadh (City)

It is crucial to have your mobile number written on any incoming mail, as that way you will be informed when your mail arrives inshaAllah. Both the couriers and national post will keep your mail for you to collect, though they may charge you if bulkier items are not collected promptly. When collecting mail, make sure to bring your ID.

As for sending mail, international courier services are fairly expensive (approx. 600SR to send a 1KG parcel to Europe). Within Saudi you can also send “cargo” from one city to another using these couriers. We paid about 300SR to have around 100KG shipped, and it took about 3 days. Not sure regarding Saudi Post services.

UPDATE: Saudi Post

Taken from Sisters in Saudi Sand

To get things mailed to you here, you just need your name, hayy (neighbourhood) and city plus your phone number. They will call you when the package arrives. In addition you could go to Saudi Post and register your address and they will give you your actual street address here in Saudi if you provide them with the green numbers off your building. Once you register your address, they will give you an account number and also mailing addresses in the UK and the US where you can have parcels sent for companies that don’t mail to Saudi (WASEL ALAMI). Its sweet and its all FREE!

There is a fee for Wasel Alami to forward to your home, it depends on the weight of the package but it is far cheaper than Aramex or any of the other shop and ship services.


Upcoming Posts inshaAllah

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Alhamdulillah wasalatu wasalamu ala Rasulillah

With the assistance of Allah azza wa jal, we hope to post articles on the following:

– Ramadan and Eid in KSA

– Family Visit/Residence Visa Procedures

– Processing: (1) Visas (2) Visa Medicals from the UK

– Shipping Cargo from the UK

– What to take, what to leave behind when moving to KSA.

– Giving birth and vaccinations in KSA.

– Receiving mail

– Eating Out

– Getting a Driving License and Driving in KSA

– Life as a Woman in KSA

(Any suggestions you have)

Types of Visas

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Alhamdulillah wasalatu wasalamu ala Rasulillah

All visas need to be arranged in advance. (Best check out the Saudi embassy/consulate website for further info).
The visas for Saudi are as follows inshaAllah:

Hajj/Umrah Visa, though those need to be arranged through a travel agent and are for that purpose only. 

Work Visa, where you’re sponsored by a local employer to work and reside in Saudi Arabia.

Business Visa, similar to a Work Visa but usually without residency, more suited for ‘business trips’. It’s cheaper and quicker to get for the employer, it has severe restrictions for the employee, you can’t “own” anything.

Family Visit Visa, a visa that allows the immediate family of a person on a work visa to come visit for a time period of 1-3 months.

Family Residence Visa, an extension of the above, which allows the family members to reside in KSA, as long as their sponsor (the family member on a work visa) does.You have to earn over a certain threshold to be eligible.

Student Visa, arranged by one the universities.

Some companies prefer to get people on business visas, to save costs, however, this is NOT in the interest of the employee. Some employers say they will change the visa status upon arrival, however, thats NOT something to rely on.

Some schools prefer to employ couples because this saves them costs:

 (1) as they can employ the husband on a work visa and the wife can come on a family residence visa. While the f.r. visa says “No work”,  once its been changed into an iqamah (residence permit) the person can work with the approval of their sponsor (their partner). wa Allahu alam.

(2) They only have to provide 1 set of accomodation for two people.

From what I’ve heard, and Allah alam, Hajj and Umrah visas limit travel to the haramain (Makkah and Madinah) and the airports.

EFL Job for Couples with CELTA in Qassim

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Alhamdulillah wasalatu wasalamu ala Rasulillah

Asalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

For those who seek to make hijrah for the sake of Allah azza wa jal – a school is seeking couples with CELTA (preferably native speakers, preferably with a degree). The salary is significantly less than you would earn working at a University, however, you should be able to negotiate an acceptable package for you and your family. Nonetheless you will earn more than you would in many jobs in say, England (tax free). Never forget that Allah ta’ala alone provides and that He swt will increase your provision if you strive for His sake (if not in this life then in the next).

 The boss is looking for Muslim teachers and the other teachers at the school (on the women’s side atleast) are mashaAllah practising.

The men and women schools are located in Al-Rass, Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia (approx. 4 hours from Riyadh and Madinah, and 6 hours from Makkah). The town itself is quiet and mashaAllah “conservative” . The people we have met are on deen alhamdulillah and there are numerous institutes for learning Qur’an. All women wear niqab outdoors, though in the hospitals you will find women who are not veiled.

As regards getting official paperwork sorted,Al-Rass is ideal, as it is a small town and the mudeer (boss) has connections, alhamdulillah. Be prepared though that anywhere in Saudi Arabia you will need your sponsor’s approval or signature to get things done. 

 It will be easier if your husband drives, however, he can always get his provisional license converted into a full license here and practise driving on the roads. While the school employs drivers to get you to work and back, you do need a car to get around. Also, it is a good idea to practise your Arabic before you arrive as many people do not speak English. To the best of my knowledge there are no official Arabic courses here (nor vary many English speakers – if you don’t count the Filipino workforce).

 The environment is conducive for improving in deen and for those who seek to leave the lands of the kuffar ASAP this is an excellent opportunity. 

 I pray Allah ta’ala facilitates Hijrah for all those who seek it, and grants us all the best of ends and rewards.amin


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Alhamdulillah wasalatu wasalamu ala Rasulillah

Please feel free to send any questions pertaining to living in KSA. InshaAllah we will try our best to answer them.